March 19 – April 30, 2014



In its 21st year of Core Series, CTAC brings you an extensive introduction to managing or working in a nonprofit. We recommend attendance for the complete series of workshops because the curriculum, in its entirety, offers a comprehensive exploration of the core elements and functions of the community-based nonprofit and its people. Come prepared with your questions and real-life scenarios for our professional and highly-qualified instructors.

Thanks to support from the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Economic Development and other supporters, there is NO PARTICIPATION FEE for CDBG-eligible organizations in Allegheny County, PA. Workshops are from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, with the exception of Financial Management 101, which begins at 5:00 pm. Dinner from a local neighborhood establishment will be included with each session. Download the curriculum flyer here.

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03/19/2014 – Board Basics: Learn the Fundamentals
03/26/2014 – Leadership: Inspire!
04/02/2014 – Donor Relations
04/16/2014 – Break
04/09/2014 – Financial Management 101
04/23/2014 – Conflict Management
04/30/2014 – Planning

Board Basics: Learn the Fundamentals

Instructor: Terry Doloughty, Community Development Specialist (CTAC) and Core Series Graduate

Everything you wanted to know about organizational structure and responsibilities but were afraid to ask! Learn what is optional and what is not. Examine the duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of a Board of Directors. This workshop is most appropriate for new organizations and new board or staff members, or those looking for help diagnosing persistent organizational problems. Whether you are a board member, staff member or volunteer, you will learn techniques to reduce friction and increase efficiency between these roles.

Leadership: Inspire!

Instructor: Rex Gatto, Ph.D, BCC

Nonprofit organizations are full of challenges – without those stumbling blocks, we’d have no use for great leaders! Learn to evaluate your leadership style and capabilities, while getting some insight on what the people who report to you have to do with it all. This workshop includes plenty of time to get thoughtful answers to your burning questions about leadership from an experienced executive coach. Appropriate for new and experienced managers who want to make a difference – or just get through the day in better spirits – as well as board members looking to hire and inspire effective executive leadership.

Donor Relations

Instructor: Tony Macklin, Executive Director, R. A. Hunt Foundation

How can you really get into the hearts and minds of donors and foundation staff? How can you build lasting relationships that lead to lasting generosity? At this session, you’ll learn fundraising strategies from the insider’s perspective of a foundation executive and former fundraiser. This workshop is appropriate for board and staff members who are relatively new to their charge as organizational fundraisers and to veteran staff who want to refresh their skills.

Financial Management 101

Instructor: Pam Falkner, Director of Business Development, Bookminders

Are you a board member or staff person newly charged with your organization’s bookkeeping and financial reporting? Are you a new board member who wants to be a smarter consumer of the monthly and yearly financial statements you receive? From an administrative perspective, this workshop lays out the day-to-day building blocks one will work with to produce and interpret useful financial reports. Attendees will leave knowing what works, the appropriate technology to use, legal obligations and key questions to ask in order to keep their organization in good financial health.

Conflict Management in Meeting Facilitation

Instructor: Ellen DeBenedetti M.Ed., Mediator, Trainer, Conflict Coach and Facilitator

When organizations have meetings, conflict is bound to arise. How can you manage that conflict to maximize participation, minimize disruptions and get to the business at hand? Learn strategies to change interactions during a conflict that can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes. Skills covered in this interactive workshop are applicable within your organization and in your everyday life.


Instructors: Presenter to be announced

Wherever your organization is in its life cycle, planning remains important. Before you convene a planning committee to jump right in, learn what preparation members of your board and staff team should do to make the endeavor most productive. You will also come away with an understanding of the process that will take you through defining goals to creating a useful document that will guide your organization’s work as you move forward. Learn how to create a living document, a plan that can incorporate goals and growth for your organization.

Please call Terry Doloughty for more information at 412-231-CTAC (2822).


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